Digital competences are necessary in all aspects of life, whether they are social or personal, relate to labour or leisure, in any sector, public or private. Improved citizenship is the primary aim of developing digital competences. It is our conviction that the education and training (ET) on digital competences need a more consistent approach and a cohesive European system of delivery. That is why we have worked with our network of digital competence centres and relevant expert organisations on a Manifesto on digital competences.
This manifesto contains a series of key principles and recommendations on how to maximise the impact of education and training, as powerful instruments towards a continuous development of digital competences for the European citizens.

Potete scaricare il Pdf del Manifesto qui.
Invasioni Digitali, come partner di ALL DIGITAL, ha attivamente partecipato e approvato il Manifesto e vi invitiamo a fare anche voi la vostra parte!
Questo il link alla pagina ENDORSE THE MANIFESTO.

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