From 27-29 November, 269 cultural heritage and technology professionals from 37 countries met in Lisbon, Portugal, to connect the Europeana Network Association communities.

I am a member of the Steering Group of the Europeana Communicators Community and as co-founder of the Invasioni Digitali project I’ve organized a workshop during the conference to introduce our methodology and the results of the ongoing “Diginv” projects, in collaboration with Altheo Valentini.


The Workshop brought the participants hands-on with culture with a digital invasion of the library’s exhibitions showing how social media and culture can come together to engage people.


Promoting cultural heritage with digital invasion – moderated by Altheo Valentini-Egina – European Grants International Academy.
Do you want to learn how to use digital tools to tell stories collectively?
Are you an educator looking for active and informal ways to engage students with cultural heritage material?
Then join us for a Europeana 2019 digital invasion – the cultural heritage experience in which people armed with smartphones, cameras and video cameras come together to create both a physical and social media cultural moment! This session will introduce the concept of a digital invasion and how it can be used to connect a range of audiences with culture. Then come with us as we perform our own digital invasion in Lisbon.
Speaker: Marianna Marcucci – Invasioni Digitali
The idea for the invasion was to to start from “Culture makes me feel…”


How do you feel in front of a work of art? We asked this question to the participants to the digital invasion of the National Library of Portugal in Lisbon. They had a speech bubble, each with a different emotion, and they shared their emotions with us! #FeelingCulture


You can relive our talk at the Europeana Streaming here:

For a feel of the audience’s reactions, you can check out the following hashtags on Twitter: #Europeana2019#EuropeanaCommunities and to see the results of the digital invasion, look at #feelingculture on Twitter and Instagram.

The answers to the workshop, collected by Europeana through a Survey.

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